Two thousand and thirteen

Two thousand years and too many mirrors
16 years of schooling and not enough reason
10 pounds and a…

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its time

Awesome Asana for during you Period!!!!

Wish I wasn’t on my moon!

Shoulder stand is such an amazing asana! It really relieves so much stress. It also targets the thyroid, so it helps speed up the metabolism!!! Only bad thing about inversions is that you aren’t supposed to do them during menstruation!

Classical Sun Salutations


Been wanting to salute the sun on your own time? Here are the Classical Sun Salutations. Remember to move with the breath! Namaste Yogis <3


Hello Evening Yogis,

Join Nicole Lynne on July 13th, at 8:30 pm for Yoga Under The MOON! We will embrace a practice centralized around the lovely Moon. This practice will include moon salutations, calming postures and an invitation to go inward. You’re attendance is warmly welcomed….